Soccer charities, there are LOTS of them

OK, I’m involved in soccer, because my son loves it. He is a goalkeeper and thats an extra expense considering that a good pair of Goalkeeper Gloves ranges around $50 to $120 and he really isn’t interested in the cheap ones LOL.
That however is not the point, where I wanted to get to is to talk about soccer charities. There are a bunch of them out there. One that I noticed that is actually the biggest is the US Soccer Foundation.

My son’s Goalkeeper Training academy is helping them, they are having a collection stand at one of their training session in a few weeks time and they’re inviting all them soccer players from local schools and youth soccer clubs to bring in their gentily used soccer gear to donate to the less fortunate that love the sport but are underserved when it comes down to having cleats, uniforms etc.

It’s a really good cause and I want my son to be a part of it and donate a $50 gift card from Dick’s sporting goods.

If you are involved in soccer and you think that your club can help by doing the same thing, then contact the US Soccer foundation, they’ll tell you how and what to do to help!